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Mermaid Grotto Is Back

The mermaid grotto is back! This is my first year entering the grotto I was so excited. You have to earn the Mermaid Grotto Key. How to earn the key? It’s easy just go to Silvermist and finish the NEW quest. Then all you have to do is go the Palm Tree cove and enter the mermaid grotto and just follow the steps form there. If you aren’t a member and you want to see how the mermaid grotto looks like here are some pics.



Hey, pixie hollow bloggers. Sorry for not posting much I’ve been working on some projects for my blog. I’ve been thinking for a while now on doing more tutorials you can always comment below for a certain outfit. Also need to keep you updated in all the lasts fashion trends in the hollow, I’ve noticed this month lots of pink and red for valentine’s day it might have past but it doesn’t mean you can’t be festive this month. I recently made a cute Valentine’s outfit you can watch it on Youtube here it the link: 

that’s it for now thanks for reading and your comments are always welcomed.


January Fashion Preview

January Fashion Preview

Kit has released a sneak peek for the January clothes I love this out fit it is similar to ‘Tangled”. She is wearing a few extra things like the butterfly  b I can’t wait for them to release the outfits in January 3 2013.Well that’s it see you in 2013.